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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Iranian food

I just finished compiling all the Iranian recipes. That was a lot of work to make all this food, cook it, write up the recipes and make it all pretty enough to be filmed! Here's what I made:

Sabzi khordan (vegetable, cheese, herb and bread plate)
Mast-o-khiar (yoghurt with cucumber, onion, mint)
Dolmeh (Leila's recipe)
Torshi-e-makhloot (pickled vegetables with herbs and spices)
Chelow Kabab (Saffron steamed rice, tahcheen, kababs)
Baqala polow (Rice with fava beans or black eyed peas)
Khoresht Gorme Sabzi
Rose Water Syrup
Saffron Ice Cream (Leila's recipe)

My husband's favorite (well, one of em anyway) cuisine is Iranian and I love it too. When my inlaws are here, I plan on making this all again.


Blogger Anila Zaidi said...

GIRL!!!! I need these recipes. Please tell me you can email them to me ASAP. anilazaidi@gmail.com PLEASE????

10:51 PM  

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