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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How i plan menus...

menu planning
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Look at that horrid handwriting. I usually write much better but anyway. Recipe book, note pad, printed recipes. I go through until have about 10. I do 10 because that's enough for two weeks. I don't always eat in order of the menu but eventually i make it all. I always cook the things first that have veggies that may go bad etc.

Then i plan snacks, a dessert or two, LD's lunches. Breakfast i tend to wing. I ask him two things and make him choose one.

Then, I write my grocery list putting a note next to anything i may have or not sure if i have it, I put down if i need to look up a substitution like alcohol or something like that. I also note page numbers of books that i get recipes from so i can find them quick when needed. I keep the printouts that i need that week hooked on the fridge on the side.

For LD's meals...often from books i just put the initials of the title and then the page number.

Sometimes if I'm really motivated i'll collect coupons but since i don't get the paper i don't do this often.

This habit keeps everything organized. I don't feel pressured to figure what is for dinner as long as i've done my homework and have the shopping done. When the shopping isn't done it's annoying to stick to a plan. I also like that i don't make myself stick to a day. For instance, last night we had leftovers instead of beef bulgogi because i didn't have the apple juice i thought i did. Tonight i'm making the beef bulgogi. Instead of nihari nachos which my husband totally stuck his nose up to, i ate it for lunch. This is a guide, more than a strict plan. It helps immensely but make it work for you...don't make it more work. Hope that helps someone.


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