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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Menu this week

Dessert for the week: Apple Pie, double ka meeta (maybe)


Breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes and fruit
Lunch - pizza (we go out for pizza whenever we go to the post office - LD requests and i can't refuse)
Dinner - Eggplant parmesan and bread (was already in the freezer)
Snacks - Pomegranite for 1, goldfish for 2

***(i like to introduce LD to whole foods this way...letting him look at the thing (pomegranite and pineapple this week) for a few days, touch it, then sit him on the counter and let him watch me cut it and then eat it right there on the counter...we've done this with lots of foods....he'll try anything on the counter).


Breakfast - eggo for LD (i do buy eggos...they are a quick convenient breakfast). I don't have a waffle maker...i need one so i can make him really good waffles.
Lunch: Tuna casserole
Dinner: Nihari (from the freezer)
Snacks - Fresh cut pineapple - a treat because we usually get this in the can and he loves pineapple


Breakfast - "fried egg" - yogurt spread into the shape of a fried egg and half of an apricot round side up in the middle to be the yolk. Fun food. Toast with jam.
Lunch - Pasta with veggies
Snack - Toddler sushi
Dinner - Beef and potato curry (from the feezer), dahl on the side.


Breakfast - cereal or oatmeal
Lunch - chicken pot pie (from freezer)
Dinner - Butter chicken
snack - fruit and yogurt


Breakfast - french toast
Lunch - out to lunch
Dinner - Sag Paneer and biryani (freezer)

You can see how easy "cooking" can get when you freeze leftovers.


Anonymous shaz said...


what is toddler sushi?

6:25 AM  
Blogger Organic-Muslimah said...

I was curious. What do you use to freeze your food? Freezer bags? Or tupperware?

P.S: I am a regular reader of your blog. Love the posts.

3:57 PM  
Blogger wayfarer said...

Well i do both. I use freezer bags for chili, soups etc. I use those small snack size ones for cut veggies like celery etc and i use tupperware or glass for meals and i freeze meat dishes with enough meat for 2 people and the side dishes i do smaller amounts. Dahl and rice, things like that, i do in 3 part "lunch" containers so i can just pop one out and microwave it. For LD's dishes i use baby glass jars since i really don't like plastics and since they are questionable for health. :-) I need to find a way to use all glass but it seems so dangerous too.

Thanks for being such a loyal reader! I love your blog too. Do you read my other one too?

4:19 PM  

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