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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


There was a request from Safa for baby food - i'll do a whole post on that this week or next week.

Also requested was the brussel sprout meatballs and sadly i didn't get to it because LD was sick and then i got sick etc etc. It was a recipe in Taste of Home and i'll try it soon and post the results. There was the toddler sushi request and i'll post that. I made it again today and took pictures. And the green bread recipe. I'll post that whole meal here because it was fun together. I think that was all wasn't it?

Penne wise Pumpkin Pasta

I added sausage to mine and I'm glad i did because it would have been missing something i felt if i hadn't. Both hubby and i thought so.

Green Gobble-'Ems Garlic Bread Chunks - i didn't cut them up though and i used regular bread.


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