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Thursday, November 08, 2007


That's how much this last trip was...we're going over the $200 mark but not by much. And there were extras this month...pumpkins, squash, etc.

Safa...for baby stuff...are you wanting recipes, tips, let me know what you want mostly and I'll dedicate a post to it next week. In the meantime, see if your library has the book "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron. If they do, get it from them.

I've been bad this week at posts - i knew it was going to be a lot to commit to this but i am liking it and will keep on doing it - each week i'll post once or twice of variety stuff. I'll keep posting recipes and menu's. Maybe even $ - dunno. I'm not getting a lot of comments so I know there's not very many reading but there's a few of you I know really like and want this so i'll keep at it.


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