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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Favorite cooking tool

Favorite cooking tool
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This little kitchen diddy gives me so much pleasure. I find cooking is very enjoyable with gadgets such as this. Next time i'm in Toronto i want to get another one.

The spices i have in here are what i use most: chili powder, garam masala, turmeric, zeera, black peppercorns, dhaniya and cinnamon sticks in the middle. Gotta love masala.


Blogger Aisha said...

This is TOO cool. Is it only at desi stores?

12:44 PM  
Blogger wayfarer said...

Yeah. And i haven't found it at the ones here. If i can find another one in Toronto when i go i'll pick you up one.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Lindsey said...

Salaams sis! I have one of these too and LOVE IT! It is truely a god-sent! 2 of my spice jars are different than yours though, i dont use the cinnamon sticks in mine. I can buy them local in 3 different sizes right down the street. If you want another one let me know...your only one state over and dh can ship to you. Im not sure exactly how much they are but its pretty cheap like 20 dollar i think...cant remember.

9:05 PM  
Blogger ayalguita said...

I love those! I always wanted to buy one but I could never find the big one liket o put all those spicies!!

3:31 AM  
Blogger Umm Zaid said...

Salaam 'Alaikum

Are there lids / covers for the containers?

5:07 PM  
Blogger wayfarer said...

Ayalguita - you can easily find them in London! Go to one of the desi stores there and i bet you find one. If not, i can send you one. :-)

UmmZaid - it came with two lids, one easy to remove one that is a flat round piece of very hard plastic with a nob (similar to a pot lid but flat) and another that is metal and hard plastic tight fitting around it (airtight). I find the airtight one hard to get off but always have the other one on it.

6:26 AM  
Blogger wayfarer said...

oop...and wa alaikum salaam UmmZaid.

Lindsey - Salaams. I love mine too. So much better than grabbing jars of spices every time. Especially when it's basically the same spices i use every time. The only think that i would do different (and probably will soon) is having ground cumin in there too...probably instead of the cinammon sticks. That's awesome that you guys have them so readily! Let's see if i find one in Toronto (visiting in a few weeks). Thanks!

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Suda said...


You can buy it from here


and here


6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats the big deal...doesn't every indian household have one???? Like your recipes btw.:)

2:13 PM  
Blogger wayfarer said...

I never saw one until visiting my inlaws and she had a few so found one in the stores there in Toronto but i haven't seen them anywhere else. I want to get another and have had a hard time finding one...


2:56 PM  

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