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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eggs-ellent late breakfast/lunch

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I love having this for a late breakfast/early lunch or when i have skipped breakfast. So good.

Here's what you do.

Take a baked potato, slice it open and add the following to it...

- a couple pats of butter
- salt and pepper
- a couple dallops of cream cheese
- a couple dallops of sour cream
- a small handful of cheddar cheese

Micro for a few seconds to get it all gooey and the cheese soft.

Fry an egg overeasy and put on top. It'll finish melting the cheese. Break the egg and let the gooey yolk mix in with the potato.



Blogger otowi said...

Oh, this looks very good - I hope to try it for iftar!

6:43 PM  
Blogger wayfarer said...

Sounds like a good iftar! So yummy.

7:14 AM  
Blogger otowi said...

I made something like it for iftar tonight; I didn't have cream cheese or sour cream but I had plain yogurt and used that. Next time I should use a bigger potato, but it was good - thanks!

7:01 PM  

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