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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Homemade chicken alphabet soup


Chicken stock. Add chopped carrots and finely chopped celery. Bring to a boil and then add the pasta, chicken (i used a leftover breast that i had boiled), tomatos (because they are his favorites), and peas.

He made the entire thing himself except for chopping. He was responsible for the telling me the timer went off, he did all the stirring, etc. Not bad for an almost 3 year old. :-)

Eggs-ellent late breakfast/lunch

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I love having this for a late breakfast/early lunch or when i have skipped breakfast. So good.

Here's what you do.

Take a baked potato, slice it open and add the following to it...

- a couple pats of butter
- salt and pepper
- a couple dallops of cream cheese
- a couple dallops of sour cream
- a small handful of cheddar cheese

Micro for a few seconds to get it all gooey and the cheese soft.

Fry an egg overeasy and put on top. It'll finish melting the cheese. Break the egg and let the gooey yolk mix in with the potato.


Homemade convenience items

Check out this great resource for making all kinds of homemade mixes and condiments. I'm loving how easy it is to make Sweetened Condensed Milk and Ricotta Cheese/Cottage Cheese. Yogurt too. Oh, and kettle corn. Yum. Fall is slowly arriving and this sounds perfect for a cool September afternoon snack.

I've been tempted to make yogurt for years. I think i have to give it a go this winter. Fruit leather too (fruit leather is in the Super Baby Food book).

I have a thousand blueberries to use and fruit leather is calling me. We went grocery shopping and often Little Dude will quietly slip something in and blueberries are a favorite so at first i thought he did it but then after unloading 7 extra pint containers of blueberries from a shopping bag and realizing i never put them on the conveyer belt i have no idea how they ended up in our groceries. But since we also bought 2 that ended up being a lot of blueberries. Happy for us, sad for the poor people who didn't get theirs. I made blueberry pancakes, blueberry buckle (OMG..........delicious and will be made again next blueberry season), and blueberry jam. I let LD eat a pint and then i froze the rest. I think with the frozen ones (i also already had two bags of frozen ones in the freezer - we can't have too many blueberries in the house...well until this happened!).

Poor abandoned blog, i have neglected you, but i promise to give you life once again..............

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